Passenger Mistakes Emergency Door for Lavatory

Top 5 Reasons for Opening the Emergency Exit Door

4. I thought it was the toilet.

Yet another bizarre story about a first time flier takes the #4 spot in our countdown.

In March 2012 a female tourist from Chongqing in Southwest China boarded a flight with Sichuan Airlines, a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines. Prior to takeoff she walked to the back of the airplane and enquired about the location of the lavatory. Two flight attendants advised her that the bathroom was “just over there.” In an attempt to follow their directions the passenger walked “over there” and opened a door which turned out to be the emergency exit. The evacuation slide was automatically deployed an all passengers were subsequently evacuated. Word of the incident quickly spread as one of the passengers tweeted about the incident on Weibo, the Twitterverse of China.

It was not reported whether or not the woman ever found her way to the toilet before being forced off the airplane. Nor was it reported if the passengers were required to exit through the main cabin doors, or were given the option to ride down the slide.

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Photo Credit: WexDub on Flickr

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