Elephant Camp Zimbabwe

Elephant Camp was one of the best experiences of our life. Nestled inside a national protected wildlife forest, they house 18 rescue wild African elephants that were rescued when their parents were killed in the 80’s as part of a very controversial multiple-government plan to control wildlife growth because they were threatened the elephants would outgrow humans. These are the babies that were left orphan so they were raised by humans.

Inside the wilderness you can find this top rated safari experience (#1 on trip advisor) and it is considered a luxury tent safari experience. There are only 12 ‘tents’ but they are ultra equipped with chandeliers, are mosquito proof, huge bathrooms and living rooms inside each individual tent plus outside shower, private deck overlooking the wild and each unit has a private pool. WOW!!




We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived and realized it is 100{228efccc870839ae469269e86e00e47152df79753e930955a4dda5cfddb888ac} all inclusive top shelf liquor included, has a private chef, game driver and unlimited tours to go play with the elephants and the kicker: they have a resident Chetah Sylvester that you can go on morning walks with while he goes hunting. SUPER WOW! We met the elephants but we have an early morning date with Sylvester Sat am 🙂



This has been a five star experience and it’s not yet over. We left our dirty laundry in the basket and they washed and folded everything – all included!

We are not allowed to walk around after 730 by ourselves so security staff bends themselves backwards to be there with us. Customer service has been a level

We can’t wait to meet the resident Chetah and see what else Elephant Camp
has to offer. So far, we have plans to come back! If you’re ready to be a ‘spoiled traveler’, they are ready to spoil you too!

Yours truly…

Yvette Ulloa

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