Passenger Jumps From Moving Plane

Top 5 Reasons for Opening the Emergency Exit Door

2. Sick and tired of airport delays?

The #2 spot in our countdown goes to the only passenger who jumped from a moving airplane.

In August 2012 an Air Asia passenger in Malaysia bolted for the exit door while the airplane taxied down the runway in preparation for takeoff. While his motives remain unknown it was reported that the plane had been delayed over an hour prior to takeoff. Perhaps the passenger, an off duty Air Asia crew member, decided that he had simply had enough of the airline delays? At the last minute he ran to the exit, opened the door, deployed the slide and jumped out of the plane. Reports state that the passenger was arrested but did not sustain any injuries.

I only wish we had a video of his dramatic exit to share with you. He may not have made the flight but I suspect he enjoyed one hell of a ride down that slide.

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Photo credit: Microsoft Images

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