A Super Hero Welcome for my Mom in Santa Cruz Bolivia

As many of you know, my mom is a music teacher along with my dad. They are so passionate about music that they are the people who wear their musical ties to church, music earrings, rings and anything else that you would find with a music note. They have both dedicated their life to teaching children music and changing the course of many of their lives. I went to a German school in Bolivia (yes, I know it sounds odd, but it’s one of the best schools and although I’m not German, my parents were teaching there so I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to test to get into this very strict school.)

My mom was one of the most beloved teachers. She taught every class to master a musical instrument, I remember we had to pick between a flute and a guitar. Then we played the xylophones (they look like giant marimbas) and we would carry those all over town to perform in different places.

Music was our life. So many of us students got our first steps to self confidence through our first performances of a flute or guitar. Our class was really close because the students don’t change yearly, it’s the same students, just a different classroom, teacher and content.

After 25 years my mom and I came back to Bolivia to visit my class and her students. My mom was so emotional and so happy today. Traveling with her this week has been life-changing. We went to our old school, we took photos with the students (my classmates), we even pretended we were in music class together again. To see her big smile was worth everything.

Thank you to the Class of German School (Deutsche Schule 1987) for making my mom’s week this week. You truly lit up her life with happiness. May the celebration continue!!


One thought on “A Super Hero Welcome for my Mom in Santa Cruz Bolivia

  1. Yvette – German school? Wow! How many languages do you speak, girl? Love the super hero theme for the reunion 🙂

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