I’m coming home…to Bolivia!

After 14 years, I’m going back to my home land in Bolivia. I was born in New York but at three months my parents moved back to Bolivia. I’m nervous and excited!

I lived in Bolivia until 13 yrs old then we moved to California which was a very difficult transition as a teenager, culture shock, not to mention the language barrier. However, it is the struggle that creates wings on a butterfly out of the cocoon, so I’m grateful for all those times.

I graduated at age 16 in the US, and went back to see my friends graduate that year. We are very close because in Bolivia the same class grows together every year, the only thing that changes is the teacher and the curriculum.

So im going back to my 25 year reunion! Has it been that long?? I still feel like I’m 17! We’re having a Super Heroe Party and I’m going back as wonder woman!

Here is a gorgeous photo of the snow showered mountains and the sunset as I travel from La Paz to Santa Cruz…

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