If I Knew Then: Online Entrepreneurs Reflect On What They Would Do Differently

If I Knew Then: Online Entrepreneurs Reflect On What They Would Do Differently

Diving into the vibrant, ever-evolving world of online entrepreneurship, it’s a realm where creativity meets opportunity, challenges shape leaders, and every setback paves the way for groundbreaking innovations. As we head out on this journey, I asked my fellow entrepreneurs to ponder on a question that ignites curiosity and fuels growth:

“If you were to start your online entrepreneurial venture from scratch today, what would you do differently?”

This question isn’t just a gateway to introspection but an open invitation to share their story, lessons learned, and the wisdom garnered along the way.

Whether it’s tweaking your business model, refining your marketing strategies, or simply adopting a different mindset, every insight is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating their own paths:

  1. Sadie Smiley: Everyone says “charge your worth” but I’m not for sale. I make all of my programs financially accessible and I lead with my heart. I wish I had someone to follow that led in the same way. http://passiveincomepathways.com
  2. Julie Burt Nichols: Charge what I’m worth from the start. Even with 13 years experience in my field, I felt like I needed to charge less because I was just starting out on my own. It took me a long time to believe that I was worth more than what I was charging. and usually those clients do you work for for little to no money are the hardest to please because they don’t value what you’re doing for them. It’s a lose-lose.  julienicholsmarketing.com
  3. Brandi Solomon Have more confidence in my ability to build a business instead of floundering about; focus on a repeatable process from the get-go.
  4. Amber Sullivan Stop trying to learn more and more… and just do the job I had training to do. https://www.livewellsynergy.com/
  5. Heather Valencia 💯 start sooner!!! https://www.heathervalencia.com/opt-in
  6. Edwina Adams Value my time better. I finally know how to do that edwinaadams.com
  7. Hendra Van Niekerk Learn copywriting or email marketing

Wrapping this up, it’s clear that diving into the online business world is like riding one heck of a rollercoaster—full of ups, downs, and loop-de-loops we never see coming.

The stories from our online business buddies really hit home. It’s all about sticking to your guns, learning from the mess-ups, and keeping your eye on the prize.

Whether you’re just sketching out your big idea on a napkin or you’re deep into making your dream a reality, remember: every hiccup has its lesson and every facepalm moment is just paving the way for your next big win.

So, keep hustling, keep tweaking, and let’s show the internet what we’re made of. Here’s to making waves in our own unique ways and to the crazy adventure of building something from scratch.

Cheers to the journey, friends—let’s make it legendary!

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