Life As a Pioneer Blogger

woman taking photo of mountain

Millennials call me a “pioneer.” Like I was born in the 1800’s and witnessed the Civil War… simply because I was the first 7 figure blogger in the world, and referred to by Google as “The woman who shifted the blogosphere.”

I crossed that line in 2008- isn’t it crazy how far the internet has come.

I started my first online business 26 years ago, back in 1997 (or was it ’96.. being a pioneer, I’m clearly too old to remember) never imagining this would be my future- it was just a side hustle to pay for the $1k/semester college books.

Now, I’m an authority on online business. I’m known for making a lot of money while automating for up to a year- I’m the “pajama money expert.”

I have seen the evolution of online business, from the AOL dial-up days of my first business, to the dawn of social media and now AI. What a wild gift, to have witnessed all of this unfold….

So here’s a question for ya…

When was the last time you thought of you your first experience with online business, internet marketing, etc?

Whether just learning about the possibility of it.. actually starting something, etc.

I invite you to reflect and feel free to share.

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