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What is a Blog, Blogging, Blogger?

I know there are plenty of people who aren’t ready to start a blog… instead they’re still at a point where they’re asking what the heck is a blog and how does it work?  Well this guide is for you.  The super-new-to-blogging-VIP’s. The History of Blogging (& My First Blog Experience) In the early 2000’s, these web logs emerged, and were initially designed for those wanting to create online journals. Personally, I recall a college friend Read more…

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Recommended Affiliate Programs

These are affiliate programs I have used and would recommend.  Disclaimer: if any of these programs have a tiered affiliate program, I may have my link included. However, I will not add an affiliate program to this list, unless I believe it to be worthy of a recommendation.   Amazon Shareasale Fiverr

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The Start of Bloggers United

It was 2 Years ago yesterday, that my little sister, Cristi, took her own life, along with my beautiful niece, Emma.  Last year, I was not yet prepared to share what happened, let alone process and begin a journey of healing. This year, I feel different. This year, I have decided something good can still come from this.   The truth is, their deaths were the result of years, and years, of domestic violence and Read more…

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How to Choose a Blog Topic

I’m asked this question so frequently, I decided to write an actual post covering the topic.  In fact, it is one of the most common questions I receive from someone starting a new blog. Don’t: Don’t choose a topic, simply because others are making money from it. I cannot stress this enough. It is one of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make, and it is not a strategy for longterm success.  Not only will you Read more…

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12 Google Ninja Search Secrets

I heard of a few tricks for using Google Search that really helped me become a more efficient “Googler.”  I was so happy with these new tips, I decided to do a little research, find more, and share them with all of you! Google Search Secrets If you have gmail and you’re logged into your google account, you can type “My packages” into google search and a list of your recent shipment orders will appear. Read more…