The Bellagio in Las Vegas

Such a disappointment… that I didn’t stay at the Bellagio in Las Vegas instead of the Venetian that is!  The Bellagio is a class act, from their professional and courteous staff to their immaculately decorated hotel and casino. The minute you walk into the hotel entrance, you are surrounded by the scents of hyacinths, lilies, and more.  The famous Bellagio Conservatory is a magnificent atrium; probably one of the most amazing garden exhibits I have ever seen.  Who would have expected to find this on the Las Vegas strip?  Changing seasonally, the Conservatory is open to all, and by midday, it’s filled with tourists taking advantage of easy photo ops.   Cute shops nearby include the Giardini Garden Store, where I picked up the happiest Buddha statue I’ve ever seen.  There’s also the Jean Philippe Patisserie, featuring the Guinness record holding “largest chocolate fountain in the world.”  This fountain is quite a show-stopper, but I was even more impressed with the absolutely divine chocolate they make.  I’m actually eating their “chocolate caviar” while writing this post.  Move over Swiss chocolate- Jean Philippe is in a league of their own!

Bellagio Atrium Gardens in Las Vegas

Bellagio Fine Art Gallery

I almost cried when I discovered the Bellagio Fine Art Gallery was closed while I was there.  I’m certain I’ll catch it in the next few months, but in the meantime, I had fun talking with some of the staff.  The current collection is planned to continue through January of 2011 and includes works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas and Fernand Leger.  Admission is $15, which I heard people complaining about, but come on- it’s a once in a lifetime experience!

Bellagio Restaurants

I was told the Bellagio BUFFET was the best on the strip and had to be checked out. Now, I haven’t been to a buffet in years, possibly since I was a kid, but I’d have to say this one was pretty impressive. Less than $25 per person, young child eat free, and so many choices, they’re sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater (points at self.) We also had a great waiter- a busy waiter, but on top of his game considering the crowd he was serving. I would definitely recommend choosing off-peak dining times to avoid a crowd.

Noodles was another restaurant I had a chance to hit. The last time I was here, I met up with my Uncle who insisted we go to his favorite, The Noodle Shop in Mandalay Bay. I’m not sure which I liked better, but I’d say the service was a bit slow in both. Good thing the food more than made up for it!

THE SPA & SALON at the Bellagio.

I’ve saved the best for last…. While I was strolling in awe of the incredible gardens in the Bellagio Conservatory, I noticed a woman coming out of the Bellagio Spa & Salon with perfect hair.  I all but ran inside asking, “who did that woman’s hair?”  A few minutes later, the very nice receptionist had me lined up for a Saturday appointment with Julie, a talented colorist, and Hillary; my new favorite  stylist and colorist of all time.  I was so pleased with the final results of my hair, I made yet another appointment, coming back for a Brazilian Blowout.

I spent around $1,000 on my hair that weekend, but walked out of the Bellagio salon with model hair that didn’t frizz even after returning to my home in extremely humid Puerto Vallarta.  If you have curly hair like I do, you know this is worth every penny.  Great hair, and such professional service, they’re actually shipping my hair products internationally.  I’ve already let Hillary know I’ll be back for my next hair treatment and for another of Micheal’s fabulous lattes!

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