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Las Vegas BellagioLas Vegas transportation suggestions: taxi? yes! limo? hell yes! avis car rental- dear god no!

First things first, 3 weeks ago, I was in Las Vegas and was shocked when Avis ran a credit check to rent a car to me. A hard credit inquiry; the kind that dings your credit, and they don’t even ask first! Since I’ve gotten in the habit of buying houses these days, I’ve been guarding my credit like a hound, wanting to get those fab interest rates. Who wants to potentially lose 10’s of thousands of dollars paid to interest to rent from Avis car rental? Not I! Plenty of car rental companies in Las Vegas that don’t resort to this shady stuff.

Anyway, back to my experience with Vegas transportation…
After a shocking $1,000+ car rental bill from my Vegas trip 3 weeks ago (those extra fees seriously add up) I opted to take taxis and even try a limo service for this Vegas trip. Smart. Cabs were cheap; around 5-8 dollars for transport around the strip and were available just about everywhere. Even the taxi lines weren’t that bad.

Las Vegas Limos are a bargain, I’ve decided: $15 flat rate for transport anywhere along, or just off the strip. Hourly rates, I was quoted anywhere from $45 to $60 an hour as a start. $25 for airport transportation. Not bad. Not bad at all. If you’re looking for a really great limo service, I have to recommend the company I used; National Transportation Services. I hope you get Ken or Kenny, the limo drivers I had. These guys were great- professional, yet friendly, helpful, and honest. Ken even gave me a hug when he came to pick me up the 2nd time, telling me how grateful he was for the tip I’d given him before. Hey, he deserved that tip- he got me to Coach for a hold pick-up, and back to my Westin spa appointment just in time!

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