Jellyfish in Puerto Vallarta

Snorkeling at Los Arcos in Mismaloya is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys sealife. Algae gardens and coral are surrounded by vibrantly colored schools of fish including Angel fish, Parrot Fish (yes, they look like parrots), Butterfly, and Goat Fish. Also in this location: Sturgeon, friendly pencil thin Cornet fish, and Big Croakers. Occasionally however, divers come in contact with the occasional jellyfish and are stung. In the event of a jellyfish sting in Puerto Vallarta, here are a few brief tips on what to do:

Emergency care for scuba and snorkeling incidents
Stung by jellyfish, or coral scratch- most experts advise that you wash the area with sea water, and then clean with alcohol, either rubbing alcohol or tequila. Immediately follow with a hydrocortisone cream, which is available from any local pharmacy. For more serious wounds, such as stingrays or sea urchins, it is advised that the injury is soaked in extremely hot water to dilute the toxins. If there are spines or barbs in the wound, remove immediately with tweezers, then follow with rubbing alcohol, vinegar, wine or ammonia diluted with water and seek medical attention immediately.

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