Sierra Madres Jeep Adventure Tour – Explore Old Mexican Villages

Sierra Madres Jeep Adventure TourPuerto Vallarta’s wealth of natural resources, ecological attractions and magnificent scenery make it an ideal location for outdoor recreation and adventure travel vacations. The Sierra Madres Jeep Adventure Tour is actually a safari that has been specifically designed to give adventurous explorers the opportunity to discover traditional “Old Mexico” villages in the Mexican Outback, as well as the Ecology and Wildlife found in the mountains and jungles of the Sierra Madres.

Sierra Madres Jeep Adventure Tour

Few know and experience the many isolated villages located in the jungles surrounding Puerto Vallarta.  The Sierra Madres Jeep Adventure Tour takes guests off the beaten path to explore old Mexican villages.  Pass running mountain streams, waterfalls, and dense jungle foliage before discovering forgotten villages, and over less than smooth terrain before reaching the heart of the Sierra Madres Mountains.

Once here, knowledgeable experts guide you on an amazing 45-minute nature walk, inviting you to explore the extraordinary foliage of the surrounding rainforest.  Wild orchid gardens, rare bird species, and even the occasional monkey are spotted.

Lunch is prepared “al fresco” and enjoyed on a secluded beach before continuing with the tour.  This tour is a great, inexpensive way to experience the rainforests of Puerto Vallarta as well as the hidden, primitive villages of the Sierra Madres.  Spend approximately 7 and a half hours strolling through the jungles and experiencing the greener side of Vallarta for a unique experience.

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