When at Caesars, Ride a Chariot!


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When at Caesars Palace (the one in Las Vegas that is) ride a chariot!

If you’ve visited Caesars Palace in Vegas, you can appreciate that in the time it takes to walk from the Forum Shops to the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, you could easily traverse the entire city of Rome, from the Roman Forum to the Vatican. It’s a sprawling property with winding corridors that entice you to get lost among the myriad of slot machines, gaming tables, restaurants and bars. As such, it should come as no surprise that the thoughtful staff at Caesar’s rent scooters for your convenience. Or as we prefer to say in Rome, your chariot awaits!

Now at first glance you might be skeptical of this chariot. You might think it’s only for the injured, or the elderly, or that guy who seems to be a bit too fond of the full day pass to the buffet. This was my initial assessment as well, but I invite you to take a second look.

During a recent visit to Vegas for a conference we were first introduced to the chariot by a friend of who was nursing a foot injury and trying to lay off the crutches during her long commute back and forth across the expansive Caesars casino. What started out as sympathy for our friend’s injury quickly transformed into envy for her chariot, and her ability to quickly zip across the casino in the comfort of her leather chair. Her chariot was shiny and red, almost like a new car, though obviously not as fast since the scooters top out at about 5 mph (but that’s faster than it sounds, I assure you).

Now when you think of the typical clientele for this type of scooter you’re probably thinking of that lady from the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial. However, she would be more likely to be seen in the scooter’s cousin, the Power Chair, which is more of a an electric wheel chair, not to be confused with the scooter (aka chariot) which looks more like a riding lawn mower and comes equipped with a handy basket to store your Gucci bags from that visit to the Forum Shops.

You might still be thinking, “No, I couldn’t ride a scooter. I’d look ridiculous.” But I invite you to consider this, if you were staying at a large resort would you feel respectable driving a golf cart? Of course you would. Well just consider your chariot to be a miniature golf cart that is small enough to access the indoor areas of the resort. It’s worth noting that the chariot offers far superior accessibility to a golf cart, because let’s face it you can’t drive a golf cart up to the buffet.

Still not convinced? Consider that the chariot can be dressed up or dressed down. Just last Thursday night a parade of chariots could be seen transporting beautiful women in cocktail dresses and stiletto heels from the lobby at Caesars to the upscale Caramel lounge at Bellagio. At the end of the evening when the feet in stilettos were beginning to tire, the ladies did not stress about the long walk back to their hotel room as they remembered “My chariot awaits.”

On your next visit to Caesars, remember YOUR chariot awaits! Scooter Rental is available through the Bell Desk at Caesar. Prices starting at $40 for 24 hours.

Photo Credits:  Duncan on flickr;  PrideMobility.com;  PHeede on flickr

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