Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-01

  • Are we in Vegas yet? #
  • Taking advantage of US airways upgrade deal – first class is just a tad more comfortable #
  • Getting sorted on the flight from puerto vallarta to las vegas. Can't wait until more flights have wifi on board #
  • extremely scary, possibly traumatizing flight experience 2nite. Decided to drive to Vegas after flight was diverted to Ontario #
  • Wow- same wind that hit our plane, took the sign down for the Mirage #
  • Wow same wind that hit our plane coming into vegas took down the sign for the Mirage #
  • Strolling through the mirage las vegas. We heard Cravings has a great buffet: tried melon soup there #
  • ST Las Vegas: decided on a suite @ the Venetian. Lavish w/ a beautiful view of the city lights #
  • ST las Vegas: inside the mural halls of the Venetian – can't wait to take my niece for a gondola ride. #
  • Havng dinner at Canonita on the canals of the Venetian. The gondoliers (sp? Ya right!) singing as they go by. Ciao! #
  • Pity she doesn't remember what she ordered- i'd share the name. Tastes amazing, looks incredible #
  • St las Vegas: conservatory @ the Bellagio – wow #
  • St las Vegas: conservatory in the Bellagio hotel #
  • Hitting "BUFFET" at the Bellagio – 64 dollars for 3 ppl- that's a deal #
  • World largest chocolate fountain – Jean philippe patisserie at belagio in Vegas. Guinness certificate & everything #
  • If you shop Coach when in las Vegas, hit the shop in Caesars Palace- roaring staff that will have you in stitches! #
  • Burberry ppl cool. Coach ppl a riot. Judith Lier ppl … Omg so rude I will never buy one of these bags ever. Would rather buy from target. #
  • So grateful for Jeff the driver, I doubt I will ever call on anyone else's services, ever. What inspiring Generositypl #
  • What a talented act- Jerry Seinfeld @ Caesars in las Vegas gets 3 thumbs up in my book #

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