Tuscany Italy trip dinner review

Our recent Tuscany Italy trip included many magical moments that we wanted to share for those travel bug vacationers.  Tuscany Italy trip was filled with great vineyards, beautiful landscapes in every direction, and a peaceful atmosphere that allowed us to unwind and forget about the worries of the world.

This Tuscany Italy trip taught us a great lesson.  We stayed at a beautiful hotel, the Costello de Nero in Tuscany Italy.  This 5 star hotel was very pricey but if you like the finer things in life you truly get what you pay for.  I decided that I wanted to take my beautiful wife to a fancy dinner.  After all if we are on our first Tuscany Italy trip why not go all out.  So I called the concierge and asked for a restaurant recommendation.  I requested the finest restaurant in town.  They suggested one called Osteria Di Pinchiorri and made reservations for us.

When we arrived to the restaurant we were greeted by 9 staff members, this should have been the first clue.  The place was small and elegant.  As we were seated we were provided a water menu.  How many restaurants have water menu’s?  As I looked through the water menu I noticed that the water from Tennessee was 180 Euros (the Euro to U.S. dollar was almost 1 1/2  to 1).  We decided to go ahead with a water from Italy and paid about 20 Euros for that.  Then we were given a wine menu that was thicker than the dictionary.  As I browsed the wine menu I came to a page where one of the wines was selling for 180,000 euros.  I’d never seen such an expense at a restaurant before. We realized that this Tuscany Italy trip dinner was going to cost us a pretty penny.

We then received the dinner menu and my wife, Yvette was given one menu, without prices and I received one with.  The appetizers cost more than most restaurants entrees .  For a cheese type appetizer cost was 80 euros.  At this point we were committed and could not just ask for our check and leave.  So we ordered our appetizer and then our main course which was a measly 225 euro.  By this point my wife and I started having a blast and even ordered desert.  The full dinner cost us 980 Euro in U.S. dollars that was over $1500.00 for our dinner.

We learned a big lesson on this Tuscany Italy trip dinner and caution everyone that when you request a recommendation for a great restaurant make sure you also know the price range of the meals.  We were fortunate that financially it did not break us however we would never just go and pay that much for a dinner.

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  1. Come back to Tn and we won’t charge you a penny for our H2O. Hope that was a wonderful meal. Taste, presentation, service, etc.

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