Top 5 Reasons for Opening the Emergency Exit Door

It seems Mit Romney isn’t the only person who thinks that airplane windows should open. The following bizarre story about a passenger on Vietnam Airlines kicks off our countdown of the Top 5  Reasons for Opening the Emergency Exit Door.

5. I just wanted to open the window

In November 2011 a 22 year old student from Ho Chi Minh City boarded a flight with Vietnam Airlines and was seated in the exit row where he allegedly “pressed the open button, which he thought was the button to open the window.”

The emergency exit door was opened just before takeoff which resulted in a two hour delay for the flight and a fine of 10-20 million Vietnamese Dong (US $485-969) for the student, Nguyen Duc Duy. In his defense Duy simply claimed that it was the first time he had ever boarded an airplane and that he was not familiar with emergency exits.

Sounds like those flight attendants on Vietnam Airlines are doing a stellar job briefing the passengers in the exit row before takeoff and confirming their understanding of the emergency evacuation procedures. Or then again, maybe not. More on the absurdity of Vietnam Airline passengers in bit.

As for Romney’s question about why the windows on an airplane don’t open, I think Rachel Maddow responded best when she asked “So has he never seen Goldfinger?” Jump to the 56 second mark to see what happens when Bond, James Bond, opens the window.

Next >> The Top 5 countdown continues with Reason #4. I thought it was the toilet. 

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