Visiting Fiji with Tony Robbins

So what was it like to travel to Fiji with Tony Robbins?  Think an unbelievable amount of excitement…zen gardens and waterfalls…an incredible peer group, the best learning and growing opportunity, and pushing yourself to every limit you ever thought possible!! Last year we joined Platinum partners as it had been a goal of ours for over 6 years since we went to our first Tony Robbins event.

Platinum partners is an elite group of people who travel with Tony Robbins for a whole year and get to experience things that are almost impossible to experience for the normal person.  It’s a very high-net worth group that needs to get approved to get into, and every member makes a high donation to the Tony Robbins Foundation along with a hefty entry fee, to make sure the person is serious about the commitment.  We also get to go to every event that year front row!

Tony Robbins changed our life 6 years ago teaching us mind-set and helping us break through our limitations and help us believe that we can do anything we wanted to.

So this trip was a dream come true!  We arrived in Fiji and got to stay at his resort, Namale, as Tony Robbins owns part of the island.  As soon as we got there we were greated by a Fijian group playing music from the island and got treated to an amazing feast with the best, healthy Fijian food!

Enjoying a village lunch with the Chief

What we loved the most was the love of the people from the island.  They are so loving, always happy and smiling…and men wear flowers on their hair!  One side if you’re single, the other if you’re married – so ladies you know where to look!

The entire week was full of break-throughs for us as Tony Robbins taught us a special seminar called Business Mastery.  WOW!  We have owned a business for 6 years and this helped take our business to a new level!  Additionally, there were people there who owned multi-million dollar businesses who said this stuff was not taught anywhere else.  Tony has a way of simplifying everything for the normal person like you and I to not only understand but also apply right away!

Then…it was an evening we will never forget.  Tony Robbins and Sage Robbins his beautiful, smart and amazing wife, took us for the dive of a lifetime.  YES, I said “dive of a lifetime.”  They put us all in wetsuits and took us to an amazing bridge in Fiji and we had the experience of a lifetime.  Better than Rollercoasters.  Better than scubadiving.  Better than bungee jumping.  WHY?  We were there with about 90 of our closest friends and it was pitch-dark at night.  We had life vests and flashlights and all of us jumped from this bridge to deep in the water, this river that was fairly deep — it took me a while after jumping in with my vest to come out to float 🙂 and as I came up to take my breath…life took my breath away.

Saltwater lagoon after river jump

Picture this:  pitch dark, a salt water river slowly taking you down to a salt lagoon…the beautiful star shining down on you…beautiful laughter from your friends who are enjoying the same experience…flashlights shining happiness upon us…feeling the power and the blessing of this beautiful magic moment…as we floated down we all ended up in this beautiful salt lagoon where we were just ENJOYING THE MOMENT for a few minutes in complete silence…I was thanking God every minute for this amazing experience and for every lesson that I have received and every gift that I have had in my life…

Then some motor boats picked us up and took us upstream where we were met with some warm foods and drinks…and towels and we all rejoiced in laughter at one of the best moments in my life…

After an amazing evening in the saltwater lagoon

Thank you Tony Robbins for helping me appreciate the stillness and the gift in every moment…thank you to our amazing peer group who has traveled with us through multiple countries and events last year…and the journey keeps on….

We did much, much more while in Fiji.  More blog entries will focus on those…

For now…enjoy the video!

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Awesome video photos-I missed you both at Business Mastery Vegas-just got home today. I hope to see you real soon.
    Love Ya,

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