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  • On the way to day 3 UPW on Sydney, my driver was really enjoying his show tunes (@ GStar's Pad) http://4sq.com/fAQy73 #
  • "Everything in your life is controlled by two things: your beliefs & your values." – @tonyrobbins #
  • Last day of @tonyrobbins UPW in Sydney – amazed at how absolutely inspiring his events are, even for the 3rd time http://4sq.com/fDeGoh #
  • At China Doll in Sydney, having dinner with my fellow @tonyrobbins platinum partners- lots of great new family members! #
  • I'm officially mayor of Gary's Sydney penthouse- mwahahaha!!!!!! (@ GStar's Pad) http://4sq.com/dWWw0F #
  • Pile o sushi with Gary @ Kobe Jones at Darling Harbour (@ Kobe Jones sydney) [pic]: http://4sq.com/hFhoU4 #
  • Shopping for hot patio furniture with Gary – his waterfront deck at Darling Harbour is going to look HOT! http://4sq.com/ejqAaY #
  • Just tried the Sexpress roll – Omg best sushi ever! Ty @aussiejohn (@ Sake Restaurant w/ @aussiejohn) http://4sq.com/dF7ADO #
  • Wow. (@ Sydney Opera House) [pic]: http://4sq.com/hpTn9g #
  • Ooh la la spa time – amazing what these ladies do with mink (@ Love Those Lashes) http://4sq.com/gF3ThH #
  • Apparently Sydney knows how to Panini 🙂 (@ Blip Coffee) [pic]: http://4sq.com/hOj4z4 #
  • Waiting to board my flight to Brisbane (@ Virgin Blue Lounge) [pic]: http://4sq.com/eI67LI #
  • Slight flight delay- landed in Brisbane a bit late but I'll still get a chance to see the city & flood areas before I leave #
  • I wuz here. (@ Conrad Treasury Casino) [pic]: http://4sq.com/epiwfD #
  • I'm at Southbank Parklands (Grey St, Southbank) [pic]: http://4sq.com/eJtIbu #
  • Just finished breakfast with a friend who experienced the flooding here in Brisbane on a very personal level [pic]: http://4sq.com/ec90Yg #
  • <3 Australia- UPW (@tonyrobbins), Rhianna concert, lunch in the park, darling Harbour @ sunset, Sydney opera house & fab nite in Brisbane #
  • just leaving Australia- will b in austin for south by southwest RT @JeffreyNYC @spoiledtraveler Where in the world are you now? #ILostTrack #
  • Just landed in LAX & already hav a dzn txts abt tsunami warnings in Cali- happy to hear it's expected 2 only b small waves #
  • CNN live: evacuation alert for nw Cali areas of: San mateo, silicon valley & del norte – @ risk of post japan earthquake tsunami #
  • 22 hours of travel behind me… In Dallas & then Austin for South by Southwest (@ Dallas-Fort Worth Airport) http://4sq.com/gD42S9 #

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