SpoiledTraveler Tweets:

  • Checking in at the Dung Gate- made with real dung. (@ Dung Gate Sha'ar Ha'aspatot) http://4sq.com/bIyG5I #
  • I'm at Jaffa Gate. http://4sq.com/cqLwbY #
  • At the famous Wailing Wall – little old lady gave me a red wool string at the gate, to tie around my left wrist- memorable experience #
  • Blessing on the rooftop over Jerusalem, visit to a sacred mosque, prayed at the wailing wall, found a 3500+ yr old necklace… Not a bad day #
  • Wassssup!!! http://twitpic.com/36t4fo #
  • Is this dog half off or what? http://twitpic.com/36t9rrh #
  • Ty!!! RT @mjk100 @spoiledtraveler kaballistic string #
  • I'm at Mamila hotel rooftop bar. http://4sq.com/c3Q8zv #
  • Watched the light show at jerusalem wall & then went to massive medieval feast- too tired to tweet http://twitpic.com/36y09w #
  • Waiting in a massive line to see the tomb of Jesus (@ Church Of The Ascension) http://4sq.com/aCzfKH #
  • Just crossed over to Bethlehem in Palestinian territory – nice surprise from Tony Robbins #
  • In an armored bus, going to West Bank / Hebron – learning about conflict in the middle east http://yfrog.com/ndpw4jj #
  • Will never forget seeing this in my entire life (@ Hebron, The Israeli Side) http://4sq.com/9uSDnZ #
  • Seeing Hebron with Anthony Robbins- extraordinary experience in the middle east (@ Hebron) http://4sq.com/9pj6u3 #
  • At a soccer field the Anthony Robbins Foundation built to encourage interaction between Kids of Israel and Palestine. So touching #
  • Leaving for Egypt tonight- Amazed how much we've done in Israel in just a few days & looking forward to Cairo!!! http://yfrog.com/5m3jqrj #
  • Having Plat dinner before heading to the airport – I hear Tony has arranged a private plane forbour trip to Egypt (@ Si Espresso Bar) #
  • Stuck in tel aviv airport all night due to fog. Hoping we get to leave for Cairo soon http://yfrog.com/mry5vdhj #
  • Landed in Egypt. Lots of sand. Sitting in perfect comfort while being cleared through customs http://yfrog.com/5ljz3rj #
  • Will always remember our perfect views of the Nile from the 23rd floor of the Four Seasons in Egypt (@ Four Seasons Hotel) #
  • Catching a private jet to Luxor tomorrow! Cairo-Egypt is fab!!! #
  • Catching a flight to Luxor with my fellow plats for the day (@ Cairo International Airport) http://4sq.com/d3lre6 #
  • I'm at Pyramids of Giza (Al-haram St, Cairo). http://4sq.com/bbaZLS #

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