Scotland Travel Tips

We wanted to share a Scotland travel video and share some travel tips especially for someone who’s never been there! If you want to maximize your stay…read on! We strongly recommend you stay in a castle if you can…as there are hundreds and hundreds of castles all over. My husband created this amateur Scotland travel video and I think it summarizes everything!! We arrived at Glasglow Airport very early in the morning (made the travesty from Dallas, NY, London then Scotland finally!) – dress casual and pack light if you can.

When we got to Glasglow it was very gloomy and very cold.  We went in May this year.  We stayed at the five star Cameron House, Loch Lomond, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.  Have a little peek at Cameron House and its breath-taking views of the lake, click here.   We were SO impressed with the incredible view of the lake and were hoping the Lochness monster would should up…but we were not there. The actual Lochness lake is about two hours from the hotel.   One of our regrets is that we didn’t get the time to see the lake…

The Cameron house is inside an actual castle owned by multiple generations of one family.  Make sure you request a high floor with a pretty view.  This request has given us some of the best views in hotels around the world.  Unfortunately for this trip we forgot to make the request and the hotel was full so we got stuck with the worse room in the castle…a make-shift window that was covered by a wall.  Paid  A LOT of money for this room and not even a safe!!  We requested one and they brought it to us.

We are used to pretty good customer service especially expecting it out of a five star hotel.  NO GO!  They were slow to check in our group and we had a large group, the were not too accommodating of special requests and the FOOD SERVICE WAS slowwww.  We were at a restaurant in the hotel and they literally took over 2 hours  to serve our food!  And the waiter wouldn’t even come by to ask if we needed anything, no silverware…etc.

But…we had fun playing with the geese, there were speedboats and helicopters that land on water (what are those called lol) that you can rent out from the hotel.   That convenience was priceless and we soon forgot about the bad food service.  Also, if you are into healthy eating, this is not the place to go.  Be prepared!  There were lots of sausages, meats, not a wide variety of salads but lots of adult beverage choices.

When we decided to create one of our Scotland Travel videos we decided to bookmark the whole experience for those of you who are looking for Scotland travel tips.  We had some fun asking staff members and others there if they were commando under the kilt.  They had a great time answering the questions.  For those of you who don’t know commando, thanks to Joey Triviany from Friends, commando means “no underwear.”

We recommend a tour of Robert Wallace’s castle which was featured in the movie Braveheart.  WOW!  This is a MUST see.  We felt the hotel was overpriced for the service they provided, but you really pay for the location (castle on the lake yeah!!!)

We had the pleasure of visiting Scotland with our mentor and top world peak performance coach Anthony Robbins and we had an incredible time breaking through to the next level while visiting one of the most beautiful places on this earth.  Visit as many castles as you can!!

We rate this hotel a 7.  Food wasn’t good, service wasn’t great, but the location was breath-taking.  To stay in a castle and have the views of the lake…priceless!!  Enjoy one of our best Scotland travel videos!

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