Puerto Vallarta Bullfights

La Paloma Plaza the toros near Puerto Vallarta’s Marina.

Traditional bullfights or corridas de toros are presented regularly each Wednesday at La Paloma in the Hotel Zone area, before the Marina. Though certainly not for everyone, bullfighting is a tradition taken seriously in the Latin culture and with a great deal of pride by those involved. Matadors appear in the decorative “suit of lights” or the sparkling costumes they wear to confront the bulls. The performances are colorful, but first-time visitors should know that it always ends badly for the bull.bullfighting.jpg

Bullfighting season begins in November and lasts through April, every Wednesday at 5 p.m. at the La Paloma stadium. The stadium is located directly across the highway from the town pier. Tickets are approximately $25, and can usually be arranged through concierge services or travel agents, as well as in person.

Tips: One side of the arena is particularly shady for those who want to avoid baking in the sun while watching the performance.

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