Men Wear Flowers in Fiji

Fiji is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.  After visiting over 26 countries, Fiji has remained a top three destination for my hubby and I, who have been traveling for a living for 6 years now.  Don’t ask how we got the dream gig, we still pinch ourselves every time!  As a matter of fact, I consider myself very lucky to have met Spoiled Traveler Jeni Larson at the airport in Fiji!  I had never met anyone who traveled as much as I did…and so the bonding began!

So we went to Fiji for a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner trip to learn about the art of Business Mastery.  After meeting Jeni at the airport, we knew we were soul sisters and that we would do amazing things together.

Jeni in a tiny little plane going to Savu Savu from Nandi

But something really captivated us in Fiji! ALL men wear flowers, and also wraps!!  Fijian people are some of the most beautiful, kind, pure people on this earth.  Since this was our second time coming back for a Tony Robbins event, some of the staff remembered our names six years later!!

The place was paradise.  There were rain showers and beautiful sounds of waves by the ocean as we visited the part of the island where Tony Robbins owns a resort.  What a captivating experience.  My favorite part was watching all the Island men wear flowers.  And then I noticed some were wearing them on the right side, some on the left.

So if you are married, you wear it on one side…and if you’re looking…on the other!

I am so grateful I get to share these fun experiences for a living.  Here is a picture of my sexy hubby experiencing flowers in his hair.  This was the only time he ever let me put a flower in his hair!

Oh how did Dave get so lucky to wear a flower on his hair

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