Magical Moments in Costa Rica: A Monkey Thief

So we were excited about visiting Costa Rica for the first time!  Had heard about the amazing rain forests, aqua blue water and amazing culture.  Little did we know that we would encounter a thief – not just a regular thief, but one dressed up as a monkey!  Really? Not really, but it was an actual little monkey stealing our food!

We were with our good friend Tammera Ates and just enjoying visiting a landmark, a beautiful Rain Forest and all of the sudden, we sat down to eat some snacks before going to the beach.  We could see beautiful monkeys all over the trees playing, jumping, mommas with their babies…it was so beautiful.

But when we sat down to eat our snacks (we love to eat healthy on vacation so we eat amazing local goodies such as fruits, veggies and more) and all of the sudden, at the speed of lightning comes a little monkey from the tree.  We first thought he was going to steal the wallet because he headed right to the purse!  But instead — he took our apple!  He took the apple and disappeared as fast as a bullet.  He went back to the tree and started eating little pieces of the apple.

We got close to his tree and then he started throwing little bits of the apple, parts he didn’t want, and he thew them at us!  It was a beautiful sight.  We feel so blessed we can experience beautiful moments like these!

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