Staying Healthy While You Travel


Eating healthy is very important while you are on the road! Many times we are in situations where there’s only airplane food on a long flight, or maybe you visit another country where the food choices are not as healthy.

Here are some tips that have helped me stay healthy and FIT on the road!

Here are the three rules of Travel and Health

1. Take your green drink with you! Sometimes it’s tough to find veggies on the road, specially healthy vegetables. I take my green drink everywhere I go and keep my body alkaline and healthy. (Remember this, what doesn’t cleanse you, clogs you!) And all processed food clogs you!

2. Go on a daily 15-30 minute walk, or do 50 pushups and 150 situps in your hotel room! Just because there is no gym doesn’t mean you can’t detox by working out and getting the toxins out!

3. When drinking water, try to stay away from tap water. The best water on the road is Essentia which is alkaline at 9.0. The second best has been Fiji Water or Smart Water which are more pure. The worst is Dasani (owned by Coca Cola why I am not surprised). It is acidic and bad for you!

Enjoy your top three tips for staying healthy, fit and thin during your vacation! Now go out there and spoil yourself!

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