Vallarta Sea Lion Encounter – Swim with Sea Lions!

Nuevo Vallarta Sea Lion EncounterSea Lion Encounters are a fun way to really get to know our fantastic flippered friends! Designed to be both fun and educational, the sea lion programs give you the chance to learn more about sea lions on land, then slip into waist-deep water to interact with these awesome animals.

Nuevo Vallarta Sea Lion Encounter

A hands-on program, the Sea Lion Encounter includes a thorough introduction to sea lion physiology, behavior and feeding habits under the guidance of professionals marine mammal trainers and experts.

In a specially designed education pool, guests are invited to interact with the sea lions, for a unique vacation experience.  Fascinating animals, sea lions are full of personality- they’re vocal, and love to play.  They’re fast and surprisingly affectionate-  personality characteristics that are great to experience first-hand.

Be sure to bring your camera for that flipper shake photo, or better yet, a fishy mustache kiss!

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