Sunset in Cozumel… Makes up …

Sunset in Cozumel… makes up for the horrible food at our resort 🙂

Well almost.

I decided to go all-inclusive at Aura, imagining the perfect spa retreat where I could lounge around the resort all weekend.  Well, the food made us sick and was, quite honestly, inedible with the exception of maybe the seafood soup and … no, that was all.  Chicken was served raw.  English muffin was actually a toasted hamburger bun.  Eggs were wet and runny.  Creme brulee was soggy flan mush with a piece of candy on top.  Need I go on?  What made things worse- we were far from other restaurants or resorts so we were stuck with disappointing meals and desperate snacks from the convenience on-site convenience store.  Probably my last time trying all inclusive, but at least the service was friendly.

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