Stuck at the airport in England – I mean Chicago

Hmm….this spoiled girl got even more spoiled today. I’ve been given the awesome task to travel to Slovenia to help launch our Travel Club there and train our entrepreneurs and business partners on success, mindset and how amazing our travel club is. However, I got stuck….let’s see. I was supposed to be happily stuck in London but instead our flight had two hour delay because of mechanical problems (you got to love American, but heck, I’m Platinum with them and they give me free upgrades, so I’ll patiently love on them). My delay caused me to lost my connection from England to Slovenia, so I’m a day late!

Lucky this spoiled girl learned to plan right and I booked this trip a couple days ahead! So…I got stuck in Chicago (what a great place to be stuck at) and when life gives you lemons, I make yummy lemonade, with Stevia!

I put a note on FB and one of my Platinum Partner buddies whom I met at a Tony Robbins seminar in Scotland, came by and we had an amazing breakfast mastermind! God wanted to put me in Chicago for a reason. Additionally, American gave me the royal treatment! They gave me a hotel, food vouchers, almost a massage! (lol the last one is not true) and they rerouted me through Helsinki. I’m a day late, but I’m closer to a friend that I adore, and I had the best lemonade ever (scientifically speaking lol).

I love our travel club. I’m on a lifetime adventure that will be the highlight of my life. I get to help people, inspire some to believe they can…hey — how else did this Latina girl born in Queens, raised in Bolivia, who was employed as a city worker get to fly all over the world and blog about it? That’s my next blog. Til then, see you in a private jet somewhere!

One thought on “Stuck at the airport in England – I mean Chicago

  1. Yvette – I can't believe you're going to Slovenia! That pin is missing on my travel map šŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed your impromptu overnight in Chicago! Will be curious to hear if AA hooked you up with the expedited security at LAX. They should have rolled out the new program there by now. Safe travels girl. And here's to the day we travel on a private jet!

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