SpoiledTraveler Tweets:

  • Celebrating Svetlana's birthday (@ Cork Tree) http://4sq.com/9vsegC #
  • Planning my escape to Puerto Vallarta wednesday… #
  • Well thats the first time someone's ever snagged my espresso at Starbucks! Scoundrels #
  • @JeffreyNYC gr8! Just finished date with destiny w Tony Robbins- leaving for Mexico on the morning – u? #
  • Palm springs to OC, OC to LA… It's been an interesting day… #
  • Catching my flight to puerto vallarta (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) ✈ w/ 36 others) http://4sq.com/qm5av #
  • Boarding connecting flight to Puerto Vallarta… Looking forward to some beach lounging this afternoon #
  • Westin Puerto Vallarta wifi = on. off. on. off. on. off… followed by, "we'll fix it manana" #
  • Getting my Dior & Starbucks fix before heading back to marina Vallarta (@ Galerias Vallarta) http://4sq.com/cEbJtN #
  • Sitting in my balcony hot tub… roughing it (@ Westin Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta) http://4sq.com/alreji #
  • @HenrysTravels it was… en la manana- westin made it up to me. added my own router to my room – which is better than chocolate to me! #
  • @JeffreyNYC Vallarta gives me more to tweet about 🙂 #
  • Having breakfast… At noon. (@ Marina Vallarta) http://4sq.com/bDM5nl #
  • Sharing my view … http://c0013578.cdn1.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/x2_3caa4e3 #
  • Having drinks on Los Muertos Beach with Jim & Pamela (@ Daiquiri Dick's) http://4sq.com/f9TCO3 #

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