SpoiledTraveler Tweets:

  • @brandonsapin Ty for always spoiling me at Guess! Love ya!!! See you for my next shopping spree (@ GUESS by Marciano) http://4sq.com/9zNkwx #
  • Just witnessed yet another "try the guacamole" wasabi trick (@ Yoshi's Japanese Restaurant) http://4sq.com/aM4XDr #
  • @JeffreyNYC virgin Atlantic found my bag 🙂 so relieved I didn't mind how they'd sent me all over LAX for 2 hrs! Haha #
  • Made it to palm springs – visiting w all my wild & crazy friends!!! Not the same w/out @yvetteulloa tho 🙁 miss u!!! #
  • Getting facebook lesson's from Chloe- Stephan's Daughter. 19 year olds just know everything facebook! (@ Mama Liveri's) #
  • True friends are like stars… you don't always see them, but you always know they're there. RT my brilliant friend, @FrancesTourtelot #
  • Carolyn enjoys a bottle of vintage Le bla bleh bla bla Le France, 1969. #
  • Going for a jog on the golf course… to make up for those crepes I had for breakfast yesterday #
  • Very impressed. I wish I had time to actually hang in this villa & sit in it's jacuzzi all day (@ Marriott Desert Springs Villas Clubhouse) #
  • Very impressed. Wish I had time to chill in this villa's jacuzzi all day! (@ Marriott Desert Springs Villas Clubhouse) http://4sq.com/cdP263 #
  • At Date with Destiny event by Tony Robbins (@ Marriott Desert Springs Villas Clubhouse) http://4sq.com/cdP263 #
  • Getting an espresso quick fix (@ Starbucks Coffee) http://4sq.com/9Zgabm #
  • Day 2 of Date with Destiny by Anthony Robbins (@ JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa) http://4sq.com/9OiXbp #
  • @Garyv: look Jen, either you said it or I think you said it- either way, you're wrong. #

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