Spoiled Traveler Updates for 2010-08-28

  • Must remember the wise Fijian woman, Sala's, lesson- flower behind right ear, she's married. Left ear, available. #
  • Gladly bribed my hysterical Fijian taxi driver to turn the air conditioning on- 40 mins to NAN intl airport in comfort…. #
  • Waiting at NAN airport, sad to leave Fiji. What an enlightening trip. Hope to be back soon #
  • Landed in LA, checked into Westin. Sleeping off jet lag. Obviously sleep-tweeting. #
  • Love the video of our Fiji trip @yvetteulloa ! http://daveandyvette.com/node/572 Blog #8 Anthony Robbins Business Mastery II Fiji #
  • Shopping @ Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills & taking Grandma to dinner next… #
  • Packing for a week in San Diego. Checking into Coronado later today – can't wait to attend Tony Robbins- Wealth Mastery w dear friends #
  • Shopping @ Guess in Brea, Cali. No matter how long I'm away, OC still feels like home. #
  • Theres a woman here shoving an entire sandwich in her face while looking @ me. She thinks she's funny. She's right. #
  • Checking into Leows Coronado. Color me impressed- this hotel is stunning w impeccable service #

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