It's all about giving…

Happiest Buddha Ever!
Happiest Buddha Ever! Las Vegas Bellagio Shopping
Happiest Buddha Ever!

A man came to my door this morning, riding a bicycle with a bucket hanging off the handlebar.  He very kindly, asked if he could wash my Grand Jeep Cherokee.  When I hesitated to assess how dirty it was, he quickly added, “Please, I need to eat.”   It brought tears to my eyes.  I agreed, immediately, giving him everything I had in my wallet when he was finished.

It made me think.  I’ve always been an overly generous individual, even when I couldn’t afford to be.  Now, I can afford to give quite a lot, and I do.  My mother, a huge Oprah fan, had brought this up while we were in Vegas this week:  “Oprah says the more she gives the more that comes back to her and that she just can’t give it away fast enough.  I think this is why you have become so successful.  You have always done the same thing.”   It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Is this the reason I’m making 7 figures this year for doing next to nothing, aside from traveling around and having fun?  I help friends who need money.  I help strangers who need food.  I help family members who aren’t even my family members.  I ask nothing in return, but I do this out of complete selfishness- giving makes me feel good.

I’m in the process of planning a spa vacation to San Francisco for next month.  The Brilliant Society, (all my girlfriends from Rutgers) were looking over the various spa options in and around San Fran and Napa Valley.  One of the destinations we had our eye on was the Calistoga Ranch, an ultra exclusive spa getaway only an hour away from San Francisco and offering just about everything you could possibly want.  The price tag…. $17,000.   I’ll admit, this was still a consideration until this morning.  Now however, I think I’ll stick to my beloved Westin or St. Regis for about half the price and give a little (ok, a lot) extra to charitable causes this month.

Anyway… San Francisco already has me excited.  5 girls, from all over the country (and me from Puerto Vallarta) hitting the spa for a week or so.  I can’t wait!

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  1. Your mom sounds like a “Brilliant” woman, listening to Oprah and all… She’s very proud of you!

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