Choosing a blog topic you loveHere is the secret to creating a successful blog:  Choose a topic you are passionate about. It’s that simple. You were expecting something more elaborate? Some secret sauce strategy? It’s really a lot easier than most people think.

Why you should always blog on topics you love:

  1. It makes you happy.
    • Choosing a topic you are passionate about makes it enjoyable to plan, create and share information on the topic.  When you enjoy your work, the research holds your interest. The ideas flow. You are eager to create content about it, and you are excited to share your work. It also makes it easier for you to share with confidence because you truly believe in your topic.
    • In contrast, I see a lot of people choose a topic that is strictly for making money or a similar purpose. This may seem simple enough in the beginning, but over the long-run, you can come to dread researching, writing and sharing that topic; it bores you, it’s a “task” and quickly becomes a job rather than something you enjoy. Always go for a topic that triggers that happy-spark in you.
  2. It makes everything so much EASIER.
    • Time flies when you’re having fun. Working in that “flow state” when you are really feeling your topic, time flies by because you are enjoying your research, creation process and sharing your work.
    • When you are researching a topic that interests you so much, you are constantly moving forward- that is magic, and it will not only help you to learn faster, but it will help you to create faster and higher quality content with ease.  Time flies when you’re having fun right?
    • You naturally know what to research because it is driven by your own interest in the topic. You follow your interest-based instincts on what to click next, because you genuinely want to know. This keeps you on track, and keeps you in touch with the same interests your readers will have.
  3. It keeps the blogosphere healthy and black hat free.  When you truly care about your topic, you make it your “baby.” You nurture it, grow it, and don’t really care about the rewards at the end, because the entire process feels rewarding.  Well, in this state, bloggers tend to create higher quality content.  This is outstanding for the blogging community as a whole, since it builds credibility for all bloggers, which then encourages people to seek out and read more blogs.  Since this approach tends to bring results in quicker, it also means less temptation for black hat strategy.  Most black-hat bloggers that I have spoken with, went that route because they weren’t seeing results and they were focused on a topic that was intended to bring in money- quick money. They became frustrated and looked for an “easier” route to success. Spoiler alert: Every single one of them regretted it. They had either got caught and lost everything, or decided it wasn’t worth it, and moved on to a more self-rewarding strategy.
  4. It ensures your success.  Choosing a blog topic that you vibe with, ensures you will stick with it. If it’s something that just isn’t in your heart, there is a chance you will lose interest, or simply become frustrated that things aren’t flowing as easily as you’d hoped.  When that happens, it is easy to throw in the towel and give up.  Focus on something you love, and you will not only stick with it, but you’ll enjoy the process and progress- before you know it, you’ll have a following that feels your passion for the topic, and results will flourish.

I hope this post helps to encourage new bloggers to stick with topics that genuinely interest them. I can tell you from experience, that blogging on a topic that I am passionate about, is ALWAYS the route to go.

On the contrary, I have also worked on blogs that I had no interest in, and did not feel, or lost interest in. It was a struggle to create content. I loathed the research. I couldn’t even make the blog look appealing, simply because it wasn’t in me. I eventually came to feel contempt for that topic and had to let it go, despite the fact that it was a lucrative topic that had helped millions in the past. It was better to leave that topic to other bloggers who could give their 104%, simply because they loved it.


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