Cancun vacation extended

Cancun vacation extended… Heading to Cozumel and Playa del Carmen for another week

I can’t believe I planned a mere week in Cancun!  It’s just not enough time so I’ve booked another week and am planning to stick around.  I’ve seen Cancun, the Chichen Itza ruins of the Yucatan, and the beautiful Isla Mujeres.  Now I’ve booked a luxury tour to Playa del Carmen and then ferry to Cozumel.  Our tour will then take us to the Cozumel ruins, and in a glass submarine to see the 2nd largest reef in the world.

Our Cozumel tour is a day trip returning to Cancun that night, but we’ll be staying in Cozumel for 4 nights instead.  We’ve booked the beautiful Aura Resort by Wyndham.  All inclusive and we hear the spa is fabulous, we’re looking forward to our 754 square foot luxury room on a private beach.  The vacation continues…

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