Burnt Toast Instructions: Go BIG Or Go Home!

Burnt Toast Instructions - Jeni Hott's Blog

Burnt toast does not take much skill but there is a right way and a wrong way. 

Common mistakes that people make include, but are not limited to: taking the toast out too early, leaving the toast in too long (resulting in a fire), and making the toast in a bathtub.

To begin:  You will need sliced bread. 

The number of slices depends on how many burnt pieces of toast you wish to make. 

1 slice of bread = 1 piece of burnt toast.

You will also need a toaster or some method of burning your bread.

This is a very critical step: The toaster, or whatever method you are using needs to be plugged in, in order for the burning to take place. 

This next step is on the “most important list.” It requires coordination, concentration, and intelligence: You must put the bread in the toaster slot of your choice. 

Next:  I don’t actually know the correct name for this thing but you have to push down the thingy that turns the toaster on and makes the bread go down. 

This action alone starts the toasting and thus, the burning. Along with this, feel free to turn the heat on your toaster all the way up.

After a few minutes, your bread will pop up. You can use your judgment to assess whether your bread is burnt or not. If your toast is not burnt, repeat the previous step with the push-down thingy. 

If this is still not enough, you should repeat until necessary and consider buying a new toaster.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you should be able to successfully burn toast. 

Once you have mastered this, you can move on to burning waffles- instructions coming soon!

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