Cancun Weather…

The weather in Cancun was not exactly what I was expecting.   It seems hot one day, and cooler the next.  The humidity is inescapable but the breeze… makes it all worth it.  Nearly every morning is beautiful, with sunny skies and just enough clouds to make photos more interesting.  It’s June, so rain showers have been pretty frequent, but not strong enough to send you running.  I happen to not mind the rain, so I stay in the pool while it sprinkles and I don’t run from a tour of the ruins to keep my hair from getting wet….

Today, after a long day chilling in the Cancun Le Meridian spa, i’m hoping for great weather tomorrow- Isla Mujeres and the Chichen Itza pyramids are calling.  Harder to take photos with an iPhone when it’s raining.

I understand this is typical off and on again showers, in June.  It was raining pretty well when I landed in Cancun on Tuesday, which awful humidity and heat.  The following day however, the storm had pushed the clouds away and we had perfect beach weather.

A few hours of rain and wind haven’t been a problem this week.  The temperatures have been surprisingly cooler than we expected- around 85 with a cool breeze that made it feel under 80.  For a while, I was actually chilling under a cabana with a towel over me because I was too cold!

Weather advice for June in Cancun?  Bring a small umbrella “just in case” and ditch any fabrics you don’t want to wear in the humidity.  Dress for warm weather but bring that shawl in case the breeze gets a bit much for you.

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