Welcome to Spoiled Traveler where passionate travelers share their secrets on creating travel experiences for gratitude, joy, health and wealth.  In this blog we will share our adventures and spiritual journeys, as well as a few tips on travel deals, in the hopes that we can inspire others to pursue their own travel dreams. Follow our tweets and travels on twitter @SpoiledTraveler.

Meet the travelers…and yes, we are in fact quite spoiled…

Jeni Larson, aka brilliantjeni,  Founder & Contributing Editor

I’ve been a professional blogger since 2006 and an avid traveler since… always.  I am originally from OC, California but currently live out of a suitcase, traveling the world and sharing my tales on Spoiled Traveler.   When asked where I’m from, I usually smile and say, “The Westin.”   No home needed- I’ve got a large suitcase, an iPhone and a shiny MacBook that lets me work from anywhere.  Follow Jeni’s tweets @BrilliantJeni.


Yvette UlloaContributing Editor

Hello! My name is Yvette Ulloa, a fiery Latina and someone who loves life, I have been through an amazing journey.  I adore my husband of fourteen years, Dave Ulloalive a life of relaxation, adventure and enjoyment and simply love to help people get to the next level.  My husband and I are both self-made millionaires and we make a living, GIVING!  I never thought my name Yvette Ulloa would be categorized in the same category as world traveler, and nothing like paying it forward and helping others achieve success in all areas of life.  I’ve been fortunate to travel the world with incredible opportunities to speak to audiences many over 12,000 people, and many in languages I can’t understand!  They call me Yvette Ulloa the fiery Latina and we are professional tourists and Ambassadors of Fun.  If you play a salsa song I’ll be out there in a second!  If you play Shakira I will for sure shake my hips cause I just love to dance!  Life is good, living full time is even better!  I thank God for my blessings every day!  Follow Yvette’s tweets @yvetteulloa. I would love to connect with you on Facebook and Linkedin!


Dave UlloaContributor

Dave’s passion for traveling allowed him and his beautiful wife Yvette to start a travel business that exploded and allowed them to live a life which they call, “living full time.”  Which means being able to make decisions not based on TIME or MONEY.  Dave and Yvette travel around the world and speak to thousands of people, inspiring them to take control of their life and live their true potential.  Dave and Yvette and very focused on giving back and contributing to various charities.  They helped to open three orphanages in Ecuador and are looking forward to starting their own foundation soon.  Follow Dave’s tweets @daveulloa.

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