A Mexican Wedding – Mexican Wedding Requirements

A Mexican wedding

Mexico has two types of wedding ceremonies: civil and religious.
The civil ceremony has any legal standing and is recognized outside the country of Mexico. The civil ceremony requires that the couple present identification including a passport or birth certificate, and in some Mexican states both. A blood test performed in Mexico, and a three day waiting period from the filing of the paperwork until the ceremony itself. If one or both parties are divorced, you must provide certified proof that the divorce has been final for at least a year. In addition, each member of the couple is required to present 2 witnesses, four total. The legal ceremony is performed in the local civil registrar’s office by a government official, while arrangements can be made for the ceremony to be performed in an outdoor location. Your wedding planner can help you choose a location that is available and handle the preparations. Following the ceremony, the couple receives a marriage certificate stating that they are legally married according to the laws of Mexico. This is largely recognized as legal worldwide, but must be filed in your home country upon your return in most cases.

The religious ceremony is generally for show and celebration. These can be held in one of Puerto Vallarta’s many beautiful cathedrals, churches, outdoor locations, resorts, beaches, etc. There are endless options throughout the city. In order for the religious ceremony to be performed, the couple must present proof of the civil marriage, performed either in Mexico or their home country.

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